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    ACM  can handle any where from thousands of feet to just one piece. We can grind diameters of .030 to 2.0 inches, and hold tolerances of .0001. In some cases we can grind bigger than 2.0 inches. We can grind pieces as short as .250 and bars as long 12 feet. We also grind to specific finishes as good as an 8 rms. We can grind any material, but some materials do have there limitations.  Common materials we work with are stainless steels, heat treated steels, moly, tool steel, titanium, vac iron, tungsten, various plastics and aluminum. We specialize in cosmetic aluminum finishes for anodize. For the in feed process we can grind up to 7.5 inches long. 

Thread rolling

ACM can roll threads 0-80 to 1.0. The lengths we can roll are determined by what thread it is. We can roll threads up to a shoulder or in bar stock up to 12 feet long.


    Our knurling capabilities range from .030 to 2.0 or sometimes bigger depending on the job


    ACM can cut to length

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