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Grinding & Threadrolling

Centerless Grinding

Thru Feed:

    The process of removing material from a round object from end to end to achieve roundness, consistency in size, and surface finish. We grind bars up to 12 feet in length and hold them consistent within .0001 to improve screw machine performance. We also grind finish parts to print to achieve a tolerance and surface finish. 

In Feed:

    Grinding up to a shoulder per print. Usually parts that require the in feed process have two different diameters, one of which is smaller than the other.

Thread  Rolling


    A rolled thread is different than a cut thread. In thread rolling no material is removed, it is formed between two dies. Which makes a much stronger thread.


    The knurling process is the same as thread rolling, it is formed between two dies. There are two kinds of Knurls, Diamond Which is mainly used for a grip as well as appearance. The other is a straight Knurl which can be used for a press fit.


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